13 Ways of Looking at a Cherry Blossom Tree by Elizabeth Epstein


A cherry blossom tree stands

In a forest surrounded by other cherry blossom trees 

Beautiful pink flowers sprouting from the branches 


The most unique pink flowers I have ever seen 

So bright it could be cotton candy 

The contrast of the pink leaves to the blue sky behind it 


The trunk is a chestnut brown 

Different from the pink of the flowers 

It is a beautiful difference 


A hummingbird circles around the cherry blossom tree

It lands in a nest amongst the cotton candy flowers 

She rests in a nest filled with eggshell blue eggs


Not only does the tree hold beauty

It holds life 

The family of hummingbirds sing a song in the warm wind 


From a distance

It appears as a soft pink cloud

A pink cloud among all the white ones 


There is something magical about it up close 

A surreal experience 

I wonder how the Cherry Blossom tree feels 


Enhancements come from the surroundings.

Grass that is highlighted in green

The blue sky

The clouds

All part of the whole picture 


In summer, the tree is alive

The colors are bright 

Consistently even through the night 


When autumn falls

The petals fall with it 

The tree bare

As the wind comes 


When winter comes

The petals are no more

The snow falls

A wonderland scene


Spring has sprung 

The colorful soft petals return 

Color is restored to life 

Along with the singular cherry blossom tree 

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