Vincent Van Ode by Marlee Lustig

Ode to Vincent
Inspired by “Olive Trees with Yellow Sky and Sun” by Vincent van Gogh

Boots crunch on the yellow leaves during the walk up.
Hair is blown gently in crisp mountainous wind
A private smile illuminated by the summer sun,
a secret escape just for you.
Ears filled with birdsong and religious rustling trees,
an orchestra swells as nature comes to life.
taking in all the sights and sounds as inspiration lingers,
and a laugh bubbles up deep in the lungs.
Everything is quiet here. Almost dreamlike.
It’s all temporary, but in this moment, it’s infinite.
Dandelion seeds wildly flutter
in a whirlwind of tranquility.
Olive trees and a nice breeze before succumbing to the starry night.

It’s not always this easy.
You suffered for your sanity,
You held on; abstract oaky roots anchored to the ground.
You survived wars, famines, illnesses, depressions,
But stone walls and sliced ears never defined you.
Streaky sunflowers and ageless almond blossoms bloom through the tragedies,
Earthy yet vivid paints shape wheat and irises from creaky windows,
A look into the light.
You’re growing, sprouting through the crumbled, dusted cracks.
It’s all temporary, but in this moment it’s beautiful.
Miles away from Parisian urban living,
spirit and creativity roam free in these blue hills.
At the end of it all, you surrendered to the shadows.
Empty golden fields mourn the loss,

as you silently slipped away.
But your flowers are yet to wilt.
Your sunflowers bloom brighter than ever,
your wheat fields forever run on,
even your darkest night is eternally adored.
Your story lives on through whispering leaves,
blooms of ocher and Prussian blues, vermillion and emerald.
Through café terraces, bedrooms and restaurants,
and the remarkable world you left behind.
And while your life was tragically temporary,
Your legacy is infinite.

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