Untitled by Luna Pagan

I was born beneath a full moon on the Winter Solstice.

My lengthy eyelashes and rosy cheeks were kissed by the chill of snow and ice.

My orbs for eyes are like the cosmic object for which I’m named.

I am a beacon of light reaching in opposite directions.

Reaching up to touch the stars with my fingertips and down to grasp the earth’s molten core with my bare hand.

I am a careful balance.

I am grounded,

And I am well-rounded. 

I am on this earth, but not of it. 

I am a Starseed.

I am a fearless hawk scanning the earth for every morsel of meaning.

I can fly so high 

So high that I can hold the sun and cut through the clouds.

I am the rush of cool air that glides across feathered wings and stirs up entire forests.

I rustle the leaves where creatures sleep, and insects eat.

I am the monkey swinging from vine to vine. 

Full of mischief, with a twinkle of light (life) in my eyes. 

I am the patiently perched boa who anticipates opportunity.

The scarab finding my way using just the glimpses of light between the leaves.

The aye-aye listening for life inside of old-growth trees. 

My mind is sharp like a poison-tipped arrow or an overgrown icicle.

And my ever-present eyes see all life around me.

I am the moon pulling the tides.

Waning and waxing with each changing season in the neverending circle game.

I am Lua, Yue, Tsuki, Lune, and Moanne.

I am a shining light of love and laughter.

I am effervescent. 

And I am glorious.

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