Song of Myself by Lendina Ahmetaj

I am being of endless possibilities,
A complex and intricate tapestry.
I am a multifaceted gem,
A unique and singular stem.
My thoughts and feelings are a swirling sea,
A never-ending stream of consciousness, free.
I am constantly evolving, changing, growing,
My potential is forever unknowing.
I am a lover of nature and all that it brings,
The beauty of its seasons and the songs of its wings.
I am a dreamer and a doer
To help, learn, and grow,
To be a guiding light in times of duress
I hope to impress my folks
The only people who understand me
Besides the constant thoughts of creativity in journals
I am of the age, the best looking hair, skin, body
Free-spirited in the summer\
I use this time to soak up and push the boundaries,
testing my limits
Telling the truth to find my voice
I am trying to find my place,
The right place in nature, the universe, the closest I can get to freedom.
I crave to look for the beauty and good in everything,
I accept what is given to me at any moment

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