Ode to Justin Bieber by Karli Thea

I have Bieber Fever
When he flips his hair, I stop and stare
Majestic physique under oversized hoodies and jackets
A cross, a rose, a dove on his painted body
When he appears in a Calvin Klein ad
I know I’m down bad

His youthful voice makes me nostalgic
A basement video that steals your heart
An unfamiliar face becomes an overnight success
A YouTube sensation that sells out arenas
His light baritone vocals are pitch perfect
High notes, low notes, falsettos feed my soul

People screaming and crying in anticipation of his arrival
3,2,1 the countdown ends
Lights go out, the smoke rises
Flashlights lit, fireworks ignite
Dancers appear, we know Justin is near
He appears from the heavens in angel wings
His godly presence elevates the energy in the room

A crush since first glance, that never dwindles
My passion is engrained, a known characteristic of my being
My platinum, my silver, my gold

How does a stranger become an adored idol
Bringing out an unexplainable joy
Trying to memorize psych notes is near impossible
Yet I’ll never forget a lyric to a song

Life without him isn’t worth living
Words are simple, but moving
A deep seeded connection
No matter my mood
His strum of guitar, tap of the keyboard, or beat of the drum
Captures my attention and never grows old
Without listening to him would be like losing a limb

Haters may laugh and roll their eyes
An acquired taste, not shared by all
No pressure to conform
I’ll forever admire his ways
I’ll be a belieber for the end of my days

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