Circle of Life by Nate Levinson

The sun rises 

and leaves without a second thought. 

Trailing behind, 


The brisk wind, 

seeping into the walls. 

Extra blankets 

plopped onto the beds. 

White flakes 

cover the roof, 

the driveway, 


A house stripped of all life, 

devoid of color, 

lay afoot the top of the road, 

eagerly waiting for change. 

But all broken lightbulbs 

are replaced eventually. 

And just as soon as the sun left, 

it returns. 

Trailing behind, 


The wind turns to a breeze, 

flowing through the open windows. 

The once extra blankets 

tucked neatly away in the closet. 

The white flakes that covered the roof 

Turn to crystal blue water, 

dripping down the side of the home, 

flooding the driveway that was once blocked. 

A house filled with life, 

Bursting with color, 

lay afoot the top of the road, 

eagerly praying the color doesn’t leave again. 

But all beaming lightbulbs 

burst eventually. 

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