Ode to a Winter Landscape by Annie Parker

Amongst the chaos  

You will find  

Buried deep but still with shine  

The messy world has come to a halt  

The blurred out world has come back to its default  

With a single flake the world will stop  

The crystallized water with the fresh powder on top  

The winter has come left nothing behind  

Moments like this are the reason I can unwind  

The green, the yellow, the red have withered away into something new 

A new reality that will only last an hour or two  

The branches hang heavy with the weight of the snow  

A foot above the ground they hang very low  

Nothing is to be seen for miles around  

Nothing is to be heard, the quiet is the only sound  

The silence of the snow falling all about 

The trees part ways revealing a snow covered route  Needles stab out of the pine  

All alone  

This trail is all mine  

Breathing in the cold stings my throat  

The leaves are frozen to the floor  

With snow as its only coat  

Here it’s still  

Amongst the chaos  

With this chill  

Empty landscape with nothing around  

I finally found what I was looking for  

Gazing over this snow covered town  

A time capsule buried deep  

This tranquility is  

A memory to always keep

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