Nosedive by Izzy O’Shaugnessy

Bent over, I fumble with the buckles 

Wiggling my foot around until it feels just right 

The steep, unpredictable terrain stares at me in all its twisted glory

I inhale a lungful of icy air before propelling into the unknown

To my pleasant surprise, the glades are powdery 

Leaving a trail of flurries in my wake 

Gliding through the trees, a smile forms, pure euphoria 

Without warning, a winter gale blusters against the exposed parts of my face

Sending shivers down my spine 

A blip in focus leaves me face-first in the snow 

Low spirits and anger prevail 

Eventually, I pause, gather my wits and will, and stand back up

Once again, I inhale a lungful of icy air 

And continue down the slope

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