Holiday Light by Caty Galgano

Darkness comes upon us

The night descends at four

Cold makes sure we shiver

and frostbite leaves us sore.

The feeling of self-pity

and sorrow smothers us

We wake up in the darkness

with fear and sadness thus.

Yet in the darkest hour

of winter, comes a light

A warmth that melts the snowbanks

and cancels out the night.

We see it shine through windows

On rooftops there is hope

Draped upon the windowsills

is light to help us cope.

Light to inspire the future

Warmth to break the chain

When winter is cold, we feel so alone

But joy is a gift we gain.

For kids who are tucked in tight

or adults who’ve lost their sight

Hope comes at night and makes things bright

The holidays bring humankind light.

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