Golden Snowflake by Remi Sandell

Golden snowflake
Golden gleaming snowflake dangling off my evergreen tree
You are so beautiful
You look more like a tiny star placed against the endless black sky

Do you feel worthless
Placed among the hundreds of other dazzling ornaments?
Don’t you worry
You are the one that I notice

I will hang you up gently
Where the light hits you just right
Showing off your sparkles and colors
That shine even on the frostiest night

Perfectly round
With six symmetrical golden arms
Filled with fairy dust
That flakes off with every touch

Unique swirls and angles
Come together in a whirl of golden sand
Shaping into flowering designs
That appear to grow and flourish as I stand

Sparkles gleam off your soft edges
A snowflake hanging from a shiny plastic band
I twist up the band
Then watch you twirl around

As the twinkling lights dance
The soft glow of green, red, and yellow
Reflects off your edges
Like a mini gold disco ball – look at you shine!

When it is December 26th
And all of the presents are opened
The carolers have stopped singing
And the lights have gone dim

I’ll take you down gently Afraid you will whither to nothing but dust
I’ll wrap you up and hold you tight
And look forward to the next Christmas eve night

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