The Songs of the Forest Deep by Josh Friedberg

On a night of stars hidden by mist

I stumbled into a group of forest nativists.

Stepping too far from my humble home village

I was captured by those intent on pillage.

Through the forest, we moved further deep.

While my captors spoke, I could only answer in weep.

The trees grew thick, wild, and mean.

The forest was silent, but masked my scream.

In the distance, a glistening glow grew in size.

I was going to be saved, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Hear ye!” I called at the approaching yellow light,

Yet my calls were responded with cheers of a horde’s delight

It was a fire I had seen, raging and flaming

While my kidnappers’ fellow men and women stood with bows aiming.

My cries and weeps characterized my fears,

But it was their songs, signs, and shouts that flooded my ears.

“What is it that you want?” I shrieked in indignancy.

But I increased their spirits now with utmost malignancy!

Arrows drew, swords raised, cheers whistled.

Their horrid excitement never depleted or shriveled.

The centered fire grew once more, revealing the faces of those who have stolen me

And its yellow color turned red like gore, and spat wild flames completely uncontrollably

“Spare me!” I shouted. “Show mercy to a life you accidentally encountered!”

But none did listen, and towards the flame I was pushed forcefully downward.

My shrieks and screams met engulfing red flames

But none did burn, my skins unchanged.

With a synchronized howell, the tribe began to sing.

The flames extinguished and I remained their king.

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