Mirror On The Wall by Lauren Mangla

That organ in your chest pounds

A heart?

But the word organ seems more fitting

I can hear it. It’s hard not to

Are you scared, little girl?

The sharp edges aren’t meant to frighten

They make me tolerable

I know I haunt you

Is it because I tell the truth?

Because I don’t lie?  

Would you like me to?

When we look at each other

I whisper sweet nothings

And evil somethings

And I know I’m important

Do I take a piece?

Of the fragile organ in your chest

Everytime I look at you

Do I take your identity?

Or am I your identity?

Come closer, let me see you

You’ve become wary of me

Timid bird

Am I petrifying?

Is that why your organ beats?

But I follow you, don’t I?

And I’ll be here

when your friendships fall

And relationships fail

And family fades

To remind you

What you are

What you can never be

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