Ledgewood’s Ben Baun by Grace Brennan

Time is a funny thing

And as I sat on that swing

I thought of you

And everything we have been through

You are the connection between heaven and earth

You showed me new birth

Without you, I wouldn’t be me

I wouldn’t know that happiness isn’t a guarantee

I think of you now on the rolling hills

Munching on clovers

Rolling in Daffodils

Whinnying, over and over

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend

But everything I know about horses

Shows me that the world begins and ends

With you.

You came to me as a yearling

The thought of you had me twirling

Little did I know

You would help me grow

When my muscles were aching

My spirit breaking

You brought life to my eyes

And rid the clouds from my skies

So thank you for the gift you gave me

Because I’m finally free

The tears I once cried from the pain inside

Have all finally dried

And as I sat on the swing watching dusk turn to dawn,

I took this time to thank you- Ledgewood’s Ben Baun.

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