DIVIDED by Isabella Wolfram

One nation under god,


With liberty and justice for all

One nation separated

Indivisible; undivided

Yet divided into fifty states

Liberty and justice for all of privilege

No care for others around you

No justice for those who matter

For those who surround us,

Those who are us.

Now a days, somebody’s ethnicity

Or who they love,

Or net worth,

Or religion,

Or political affiliation,

Means more than who they are inside

All for one and one for all


All for me and none for all

Everybody is so misguided

And undecided

Nobody can speak their mind

Everybody’s afraid to shine

Everyone is offended

And people are apprehended

For things they can’t choose

For things they are born with

So much brutality

No more justice,

No more love,

No more acceptance,

But all lives matter.

One man going to prison for murder

Another gets off for murder

Because of a badge.

Do the math

What do you see?

A man in a cell

Blocked off from everyone

No social interaction


The alarm bells sounded

Where were you?

So misguided

And you wonder why he goes crazy

When did a nation

Full of prosperity and achievement

That makes people risk lives to be here

Turn into this?

A nation separated,


With liberty and justice for none.

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