The Unknown by Lauren Diack

More than ever, I’ve been consumed 

By the thought of fitting all my things into a backpack 

And leaving the tight grip of suburbia 

Escaping the judgemental eyes and fake smiles 

To see anything other than perfect lawns behind perfect fences 

To see the world out there, to see something real 

To see the sky awake in the morning 

And touch where heaven rests upon the horizon 

And feel the brilliant blue and orange tints  

Melt onto my fingertips and bleed into my chest 

And when I go, some day unknown  

I wouldn’t bother to say goodbye 

I wouldn’t care if they missed me 

Would they even miss me? 

But something always stops me 

Maybe it’s the fear holding me back 

That the golden image of the unknown  

Would crumble and collapse, decay and decompose 

Leaving behind only the carcass of my dreams 

But I cling to my faith that my imagination won’t fail me 

That the world is the pure canvas I picture 

Until I go I’ll hold on to my dreams 

A quilt of idyllic moments and perfect hues stitched together 

To wrap around me when getting out of bed seems impossible 

I promise myself, I have to believe 

That one day I will go out into the world 

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